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Local Pharmacies Contributing to Increased Sales and Brand Recognition

NEW YORK – Gehwol, an international leader in foot and nail care, has certainly left a foot print in New York. From pharmacies tucked away in suburban Rye Brook to Windsor Pharmacy in midtown Manhattan, Gehwol is finding its niche in retail pharmacies across the region.

It makes sense that Gehwol has become the go-to product for the city that is constantly on the go. Between blackened soles, callused heels and sore, aching toes, New Yorkers know first hand the consequences of being on their feet and the need to take better care of them. While New Yorkers often treat their feet to pedicures, the streets can wreck a pedicure within days or even hours. Gehwol products extend the life of pedicures while also nourishing and protecting the foot from damage encountered by the rough, dirty pavement. Gehwol is currently retailed at over 30 different independent pharmacies in the New York region, which attract local residents, tourists and even celebrities.

Created by pharmacist Eduard Gerlach in 1868, it’s no wonder that Gehwol has caught on to so many retail pharmacies. By using his pharma- ceutical knowledge and addressing the needs of the villagers in Germany, Gerlach was able to successfully mix a combination of oils, mineral based lubricants and potassium carbonate to create the first industrially manufactured cream for the prevention and alleviation of foot ailments.

From there, Gehwol has grown into over 30 different foot, nail and body care products the have made a name with spa professionals and po- diatrists in addition to pharmacy industry.

“We are not surprised that Gehwol products have seen so much success in the New York pharmacy market,” said Johnny Jarufe, President of Benestar Corporation, exclusive U.S. distributors of Gehwol products. “However, women everywhere can enjoy the benefits of Gehwol’s products for soothing their feet and extending the life of their pedicures.”

Gehwol products range from soothing scrubs to relieving creams for dry and cracked skin. From the top selling Gehwol Mother of Pearl Scrub infused with chamomile oil and jojoba oil to the recently launched Gehwol med® Callus Cream, Gehwol has a remedy for every foot concern.

New Yorkers can find Gehwol products in pharmacies such as: C.O. Bigelow Chemists, Windsor Pharmacy, Clyde Chemist, Gideon Drugs and many other independent pharmacies located throughout the city. Readers who are interested in learning more about Gehwol are invited to visit

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EDITOR’S NOTE: To obtain more information about Gehwol, or to speak with Johnny Jarufe, please contact Melanie Beckmann (203) 541-8940.




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