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Pedicure file for callused skin - The Original

Enough of those annoying calluses of the feet!

Pedicure file for callused skin, double-side abrasive-coated, antibacterial (sanitized) and waterproof. Rough side for grinding, fine side smoothing of callused skin. File off callused skin and painfull chaps quickly and comfortably with the pedicure file. It guarantees to render your feet soft and smooth. The pedicure file is specially designed to meet European standars of high quality footcare. Clean the file under running water.

Pedicure file for callused skin - The Original

    • Swiss beech wood lacquered (neutral/transparent or colored lacquer)
    • Product of superb quality with a long life
    • Foil, antibacterial, sanitized®
    • Neatly and hygienically packed In blister packs with suspension bracket
    • We only use wood certified by FSC (more information under

Sterilizable stainless Steel File

Advantages for the pedicurist:

    • Once-in-a-lifetime purchase of the file
    • Autoclavable
    • Very practical, as the abrasive does not have to be cleaned laboriously by hand
    • Superior hygiene – this sterile version cannot be topped

Advantages for the client:

    • Psychological plus. The clients see that the pedicurist works hygienically and that a new, sterile abrasive is used for each client

Advantages for the retailer:

    • Returning business, because this product is not just a onetime sale! With the disposable abrasives follow-up orders can be generated
    • Customer loyalty
    • Reputation of competence in the field of hygiene

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