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Spray Device Sirius NT MICRO, pastel blue

Modern, compact spray device. Electric micromotor hand piece with automatic tension and integrated spray control. Weight of hand piece only 170 g. Right/left running 160 cm long hand piece lead for very large work areas in the practice and on home visits. Stepless control between min. 2,200 and max. 42,000 rpm, constant power distribution electronically commuted over the whole range, maintenance-free. Three speeds, individually programmable with ease, large digital display for the dial, LED display for adjusting the spray quantity. Spray quantity can be adjusted to very fine and can be programmed in two levels. User-friendly key pad is inclined at 25°. Cable-free foot switch with three functions for burr and spray ON/OFF, and dry blower.. 500 ml spray tank for 23 hours of spray time.
Technical data: Total weight: 2,9 kg Dimensions: width: 28 cm, height 11.5 cm, depth 28 cm Power connection: 110–240 V/50–60 Hz Hand piece: 30 V/DC

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