A lot of our clients have asked us about the differences between GEHWOL Oils. We compile some of the differences between them to help you to better understand them.

Nail Care

  • For all nail types
  • Increases flexibility in the nails
  • Brings back the elasticity of the nails
  • Great for clients who is on medication
  • Great for thin, weakened and/or peeling nails
  • Good for normal to dry nails as daily nail and cuticle care
  • Suitable for Diabetics

Nail Softener

  •  A treatment and prevention of ingrown nails
  • Helps to soften the nail so that it can be worked without discomfort
  • Not to be used continuously
  • Depending on severity of ingrown, use for two weeks and then off for two weeks. Three weeks if the condition is extreme
  • Not suitable for all Diabetics, since you must be careful to not overly soften the nails on a Diabetic

med Protective Nail and Skin Oil

  •  A treatment and prevention of fungal on the nails and surrounding skin
  • Helps to bring back the elasticity of the nails
  • Great for weakened nails
  • Can be used daily
  • Suitable for Diabetics


  • A treatment of a nicked, cut or torn skin
  • Helps to heal the injured skin quickly
  • Helpful to use with Nail Softener to treat and prevent inflammation
  • Helpful for mosquito/bug bites
  • Great to have in any household
  • Suitable for diabetics

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