GEHWOL flexible pressure relief products proved their worth in foot care for many years. Clients appreciate reduced pressure pain, making movement more comfortable. We would like to offer you an attractively priced product range with many benefits.

Various materials are suitable for providing pressure relief. Polyurethane foam, latex foam and silicone are currently in use. However one disadvantage is that the range of motion and stretch of most flexible materials is only insufficiently adapted to the special requirements of the foot anatomy. It was therefore a true breakthrough when the plastics industry discovered a new, highly elastic material in 1988: polymer gel. Polymer is a chemical compound which is formed from similar molecules (monomers). In the case of polymer gel, they form a three-dimensional network whose pores are filled with a liquid. This results in a gel-like consistency.

The advantage of polymer gel is that the material can elastically adapt its shape under pressure, but immediately resumes its original form after the pressure stop.


■ Wearing comfort is insured by the precise fitting and superior workmanship.

■ Highly flexible and three-dimensionally formable – prevents pressure and friction.

■ The material is clear, odorless, nontoxic, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

■ The embedded paraffin oil nourishes and reduces callus.

■ Polymer gel products are reusable and can simply be washed by hand in warm water.

■ Confirmed quality: All articles are tested medicinal products with a CE identification.

Listed with the FDA, category of Medical Device under “Protector, Skin Pressure”, Listing Number D142415