A solution for Dry, Cracked skin or heels..
There are many possible causes of dry foot skin: frequent showering and washing, swimming, cold weather, dry heating air, aged skin or skin disorders such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis. If the dry skin persists, it can lead to further skin problems. These include primarily callus, cracks or sensitive skin.

Dry skin tenses unpleasantly. It begins to flake. The skin lacks balancing fats and intensive moisture. This afflicts the natural protective shield of the skin, the skin barrier. It consists of dead skin cells (corneocytes) which are compacted by skin fats (lipids) into a compact, overlapping cell compound.
If lipids are missing, the barrier loosens and the skin becomes permeable. The moisture stored between the horn cells escapes. The skin dehydrates and loses its elasticity and resilience.

But there’s more. When stressed, callus production increases to relieve pressure. If the skin dehydrates further and the pressure persists, the now barely elastic callus may finally tear. If the skin barrier is cracked, bacteria, allergens and fungi can spread through these cracks (fissures) into deeper skin layers. The immune system is activated, and inflammation develops, accompanied by the symptoms of sensitive skin: redness, itching and burning skin. The GEHWOL med care concept covers the various stages of problem skin with products that are also suitable for diabetics and provides the skin with moisture and lipids as needed.

The GEHWOL med care concept offers solutions for the most common foot problems.

The unscented GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream cares for dry to very dry skin sustainably and intensively. Moreover, it ensures a balanced fat and moisture ratio. The cream has a regenerating and antibacterial effect and protects against excessive callus formation.

The GEHWOL med Callus Cream is suitable for removing excessive callus. The rich care complex relaxes the skin cells of the hard horny layers.
The friction in socks and shoes causes scales to detach. With regular use, the normal condition of the skin can be reached in 28 days. With severely callused, cracked skin.

The GEHWOL med Salve for Cracked Skin is recommended. Based on special medical soap and lanolin, it forms a greasy protective film and promotes the regeneration of chapped skin. Elasticity and resistance return.