What is Urea?

Due to its beneficial effects, urea is among the best known natural substances which have been used since ancient times both in the therapy of skin disorders and for cosmetic purposes. Urea is an odorless metabolic product. It is synthetically produced for industrial use. Urea has many uses in our products, this ingredient is just one reason why GEHWOL products are so effective.

We like to think that each of our products has its own recipe, urea helps to bind the ingredients in each product. Urea also breaks the cell bond to dry and excessively dry skin, along with bringing moisture to the area.

Skin care with urea

If the skin’s urea content drops, this can be balanced with urea containing care products. However, the prerequisite is that the cream contains a sufficient amount of lipids. This so-called lipid base ensures that the active substances are evenly released throughout the entire callus layer. Aside from its major influence on skin moisture, urea softens and moistens excess callus, detaches skin scales and soothes itchiness. Urea has been used in GEHWOL Foot Care Products for many years, the first time being 1983, our Foot Bath Concentrate .