Innovation in foot care.

The new probiotic care concept of the GEHWOL and GERLASAN brands starts even before skin problems arise. GEHWOL balance Foot Cream, GEHWOL balance Leg & Foot Lotion and GERLASAN balance Hand Cream regenerate the skin and help keep it healthy.

The probiotic BIOTILYS® strengthens the skin barrier, the white tea extract provides moisture and the sesame oil forms the care booster. The three active ingredients form the basis of the new, probiotic “balance” care series. GEHWOL balance Foot Cream combines the foot care expertise of the traditional GEHWOL brand with the innovative concept of probiotics. The Foot Cream regenerates and strengthens stressed skin. Regular care – if necessary several times a day – strengthens the skin barrier and reduces the loss of moisture in the skin .

GEHWOL balance Leg & Foot Lotion regenerates and nourishes stressed skin. Using the experience of the GERLASAN hand care brand, the probiotic balance Hand Cream was created. Frequent hand washing is particularly stressful for the skin. The GERLASAN balance Hand Cream regenerates and protects the skin on the hands.

The balance products are easy to distribute, absorb quickly, do not grease and follow a minimalist approach. This means that only as many ingredients as necessary for the formulations were used. The vegan balance care for normal to dry skin is PEG-free and without parabens or silicone oil. It is dermatologically tested, and suitable for diabetics.