Urea is eminently suitable for increasing skin moisture in dry skin. But what formulation is the right one?

The care of dry skin is one of the greatest cosmetic challenges. This is particularly true for foot skin. Since it tends to be low in fat on the sole, it tends to dry out more rapidly. Dry skin occurs symptomatically in many diabetics: the skin tears easily. Pathogens colonise the tissues and may cause severe defects and ulcers.

Urea has proven itself as one of the most important active substances for the care of dry skin. Urea occurs in sweat, and increases callus upper layer moisture. This is due to the fact that urea lastingly binds water in and between the skin cells.

The benefit of a moisturizing cream like the GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream, is that it has a high share of lipids. Skin evenly absorbs lipids into the skin with the active ingredients. The supply of lipids strengthens the barrier function of the skin. The barrier on the soles of the feet consists of epidermal lipids, which compact the callus cells into a natural protective shield against skin dryness. Skin moisture evaporate less easily and transdermal water loss is reduced.

GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream characteristics includes:

■ Urea binds water from the living epidermis in the callus layer.
■ Glycerin and algal extracts boost the intensive moisture care.
■ The skin rapidly absorbs Sea buckthorn and avocado oils, equalizing the lack of epidermal fats.
■ Lipids and moisturizing substances strengthen the barrier performance of the skin.
■ Allantoin from horse chestnuts also supports skin regeneration.
■ Natural ingredients provide effective protection against foot fungus and foot odor.
■ Dermatologically tested, free of scents, suitable for diabetics.